Why You Should Deal with a Dental Emergency Quickly

Ever experienced a dental emergency and you were left clueless what to do? If you live in Hillsborough, NJ., and experience any form of dental emergency, simply visit Hillsborough Smiles for your emergency dental needs.

It is vital to see an emergency dentist towards avoiding any negative impact. Some of the reasons we recommend seeing an emergency dentist immediately include:

  • Save Your Teeth
    Accident and impact injuries can leave your tooth broken or chipped, partially dislodged and at times, even completely knocked out. Immediate dental care post an injury can help you from preventing losing your teeth. Our dental team at Hillsborough Smiles evaluate your dental injuries and offer your adequate treatment to save your tooth.
    In case, it is not possible to save your tooth, Hillsborough Smiles offers dental implants, dentures and other dental replacement options to restore the appearance and function of your lost tooth.
  • Avoid Pain
    Severe toothaches and accidents can cause intense pain around your gums, jaw, and teeth. The intensity of the pain is bound to worsen if treatment is delayed. Contact our dental team at Hillsborough Smiles whenever you feel a sharp pain in your teeth or mouth.
    Our dental team at Hillsborough Smiles will evaluate the root cause of your pain and offer you the appropriate treatment required to treat your dental issue and avoid experiencing further pain.
  • Reduce the Risk of Infections
    Toothaches and dental injuries are often accompanied by a risk of infection. The chance of infection increases if treatment is delayed. Our dental team at Hillsborough Smiles recommend you to visit our office immediately in case you are suffering from a severe toothache or a dental injury due to an accident. A delay in dental treatment will increase the risk of an infection in the tooth or the gum.
    Our team of dental experts will evaluate your injury or toothache and offer appropriate dental and oral treatment to prevent any chance of infection.
    Dr. Raj Sinha and Dr. Joana Hrymoc Sinha at Hillsborough Smiles offer comprehensive emergency dentistry services for all your dental health and care needs.

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