Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Dentist Before Getting Implants

If you miss even a single tooth, it can impact your life in more than one way. It not only affects your ability to chew, but also affects your self confidence. Thus, it’s important to get your missing teeth replaced as early as possible. The dental implants in Hillsborough have emerged as one of the best options for getting missing teeth replaced. If you have any queries about the implant procedure, you can get them addressed by the dentist near you. Here’s a look at some questions that you must ask your dentist before getting implants.

Q1: How do you determine if I am a good candidate for dental implants?

  • If you have lost one or more teeth.
  • If you face issue while chewing.
  • If your denture teeth are loose.
  • If food gets trapped under your dental bridges.

Q2: Will I have sedation choices? If so, what are they?

Yes, you can certainly opt for sedation as it’s an invasive procedure. You can choose from two options- IV sedation and oral conscious sedation.

Q3: Why should I choose a dentist who specializes in implants?

The dentists who have undergone extra training for implant placement apart from their dental school can be trusted for a successful treatment.

Q4: How long will my implants last?

If the implants are placed by a specialist and the procedure goes through well, they can last for a lifetime. Apart from that, the maintenance of the implants also matter. The lower implants witness 98% of the success while the upper ones witness 94% of the success.

Q5: What is your success rate with implants?

It has been observed that on an average 95 to 98% of the implant cases are successful. The failing cases can be linked to the patients being smoker or non-compliant.

Q6: What maintenance will I have to perform, if any, with implants?

With implants, you need to maintain the same dental routine as your natural teeth. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day along with visiting the dentist near you in every 6 months.

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