Orthodontic Options for All Ages

Here at Hillsborough Smiles Family and implant dentistry, there are braces for not only children but for people of all age. Orthodontic treatment can benefit both the children as well as adults.

Orthodontics for children

By the age of seven, the child would have developed both permanent and primary teeth so that would be the best time to get the braces. This would provide the chance to the orthodontist to detect any potential tooth and jaw problems early before they have a chance to become more serious.

Orthodontics for teens

There are a variety of options now available for your teenage child to decide and customize in order to match according to their personality. This can be an important decision for the teen as well as the family so, at Hillsborough Smiles Family and implant dentistry, we take utmost care of the needs of the patients.

Interceptive treatment

Interceptive treatment if done right then there won’t be a requirement for invasive treatment. It is easier to detect the oral problems at the age of seven as mentioned above and can be treated well. Once diagnosed, the total time needed can be cut down in the beginning stages.

The issue being treated

The effect of the treatment will depend on the teen’s body as well and each patient will react their own way. The amount of work needed will also vary accordingly.

Expected patient compliance

Compliance is an important part of every treatment and taking good care of your braces or aligners is good oral hygiene. It is recommended for the teen to be responsible and reliable.

Orthodontics for adults

As one gets older, they get to realize how important oral health is to an individual. More than 25% of the orthodontic patients are over the age of 18. The financial commitment and affordability of time is also an aspect that needs to be considered for adults while getting the braces. Other reasons like modern techniques for straightening the teeth and easy availability of dental solutions can also be considered behind this hike of adults in orthodontic treatment. Hence, regardless of the age, you can find the answer to all your oral health-related questions at Hillsborough Smiles Family and Implant Dentistry.

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