How to Manage Your Dental Emergency

Here’s a look at some emergencies and how to deal with them:

Break a tooth?

If your tooth breaks accidentally, dentist near NJ 08844 says immediately rinse the mouth with warm water followed by placing clean gauze on the bleeding socket. In case of swelling, you can use cold compress and put if for 10 minutes in on and off fashion.

Lost a filling?

If you lose a filling, try to locate the piece that fell out and place it safely to take it to the dentist. Rinse the mouth with warm water and use gauze to stop bleeding.

Crown fall out or becoming loose?

You must wrap the crown in a piece of tissue or gauze and place it in a plastic container. Avoid cleaning the crown or it may drop on the floor. Rinse the mouth and spit it in a bowl to see if there are more broken pieces in mouth.

Severe toothache?

The first thing to do is try to floss to see if something is stuck under your gums or between the teeth. You should rinse the mouth with warm salt water and apply cold compress for relief. Avoid applying asprin directly on site of pain.

Tooth knocked out?

Avoid picking the tooth from root and only handle it from crown so that fibers are not damaged and the chances of restoration are intact. Place the tooth in cold water or milk and rush to the dentist.

Loose tooth?

Avoid applying any pressure on the tooth and apply cold compress if you experience swelling.

Jaw injury?

Apply cold compress on the injured area and keep the jaw in a still position. You can take anti-inflammatory pill to reduce swelling and pain.

Suspect an abscess?

Avoid popping or breaking open any pimple on the gum and rinse mouth with salt water.


Always brush and floss your teeth twice a day and never skip a dental appointment so that dentist in Hillsborough, NJ can diagnose underlying disease or examine signs of other dental issues.

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