Patient Reviews

I had a great experience using your service. I was matched with an awesome dentist, Joanna Hrymoc-Sinha, DMD, who took my insurance and had great hours that worked with my schedule as well as my kids schedule. My kids were frightened of the dentist, but when we got there the great service and the gentleness she had with them was great. My kids loved her and won't mind going as needed.
- Lisa R.

Very pleasent experience. All personel was very courteous. I wll recommend this office whenever and wherever I can.
- Adam M.

Third dentist in two years. I kept trying different dentists to find a competent, honest professional. Although it was a brief visist for a minor problem, I think I have found my dentist for the foreseeable future. My sore tooth was not a cavity that I had been told by the first dentist but just too much stress on a molar. Two minutes of some small filing or shaping of the tooth and one day later I'm seeing a huge difference.
- Peter Z.

She was wonderful. I am going to make her my permanent dentist.
- Renada B.

Thanks so much. Dentist turned out to be wonderful!
- Cynthia O.